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Andres Carvallo

CEO @ CMG & Co-Director of CIEDAR Consortium @ TXST - Smart Grid Godfather, 512CMG

Trevor Duke

Property Manager, Thomas Duke Company

Adem Ertürk

Manager of Technical Services, Solidyne Inc

Brian Frank

CEO, SkyFoundry, Inc.

Andy Frank

Principal, Novant

Richard McElhinney

Chief Software Architect, Conserve It

Zach Netsov

Product Specialist, Contemporary Controls

Kaan Oğlakcı

Hardware lead designer, Anka Labs Eurasia

Sefa Özler

Managing Partner, ENKO

John Petze

Partner at SkyFoundry.com, SkyFoundry, Inc.

Matthew Schwartz

Senior Associate, Altura Associates, Inc.

Ken Sinclair

Founder Publisher Owner, Automated Buildings

Calvin Slater

Creator of open source controller

Alper Üzmezler

Founder, Anka Labs Inc.